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Spand-Ice is interested in partnerships with companies, retailers, medical professionals, and other relevant websites to help keep people pain-free and moving.

Spand-Ice would love to partner with you to sell our pain products to your customers. We’re always looking for new engagement opportunities, so please get in touch today to start the conversation!

Medical Professionals:
Spand-Ice pain products can either be sold at your clinic or you can refer interested patients to the Spand-Ice Online Shop. Become a Spand-Ice affiliate today and share in our success.

The Spand-Ice Affiliate Program offers a monetary incentive for you to refer sales to the website. Earn a commission for each sale you send to us! Register today.

Affiliate Area

1510 Windcrest Drive
Pittsburgh PA 15206
(412) ICE-8882
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Our goal is to help new and expecting moms to keep going throughout their pregnancy journey. With our ice/heat wraps, we can help with pregnancy pain, support and postpartum recovery for your motherhood journey. Our products are:  
  • ADJUSTABLE: Compression straps support your body as it changes
  • LONG-LASTING: Therapy packs stay hot/cold for 3+ hours for use on-the-go
  • SAFE: Insulated fabric protects you from temperature extremes
  • COMFORTABLE: Lightweight, contoured design provides a customized fit
  • REUSABLE: And wearable over or under clothing for all-day relief

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