Spand-Ice Compression Wraps Instructional Videos, Professional Advice on Pain Relief,
Best Practices and Behind the Scenes

Spand-Ice Cold Therapy Last for Hours!

Ever wonder what makes our thermal therapy packs so special? Check out this time-lapse video that shows you just how long Spand-Ice packs stay cold compared to other brands.

How To Wear the Spand-Ice Maternity Relief Wrap

How to Wear the Spand-Ice Maternity Relief Wrap Instructional Video.

Helen Behn on Pittsburgh's KDKA Live

Kristine Sorensen and Heather Abraham from Pittsburgh Today Live tell you how they feel wearing our ice / heat, compression and support gear!

A Workout With The Revive Tank

Spand-Ice Founder Helen Behn uses the Spand-Ice Revive Tank during and after a tough day of skiing!

Dr. Cosgrove: Best Practices on Icing & Heating

Dr. Cosgrove breaks down ice and heat therapy best practices. As a board-certified physician specializing in pain medicine and rehabilitation, Dr. Cosgrove answers our questions on when to ice vs. heat, why it’s a good practice, why it’s good to move around during therapy.

How Easy is the Spand-Ice Revive Tank? I'll Show You!

Spand-Ice Founder Helen Behn uses the Spand-Ice Revive Tank for hot/cold therapy while on the go. Check out this video how easy Spand-Ice therapy and compression tanks really are!

Our First Manufacturing Trip: Sampling

#BehindTheScenes peek at the entrepreneurial process of starting Spand-Ice. This time, we visit our manufacturer to watch them perfect our Revive Tank samples!

Spand-Ice: Our Kickstarter Video

This was our launch video through Kickstarter to help us get into production with our Revive Tank. We are building thermal therapy apparel to help people manage back pain on-the-go. We were 114% funded and delivered over 300 Revive Tanks to our customers from Pittsburgh to Egypt.

Derrike Cope Uses Spand-Ice Back Pain Relief

Professional Nascar Racer Derrike Cope uses the Spand-Ice Revive Tank to help fight back pain fatigue and for recovery after his Xfinity Races.

"This is the most relief I've had in weeks!"

We were glad Terri stopped by our booth and was able to get some much needed back pain relief our our Maternity Relief Wrap!

Nicki Zovola-Benvenuti Postpartum Recovery Wrap Review

“It is really helpful to have a tool like this to help with the (postpartum) pain relief and support…a fantastic, high quality product.”