Because Pregnancy Should Not Equal Pain
Pregnant Pain + Belly Support by Spand-Ice



You’re a busy, 21st century woman, but pregnancy is testing your body. Your belly’s growing. Your back hurts. But you have to keep going until your new baby comes. You need belly support and back pain relief that you can wear on-the-go.




The Maternity Relief Wrap delivers flexible ice/heat therapy for back pain relief, belly support and compression designed with YOU in mind. We made the ultimate belly band to provide three trimesters of pregnant pain relief, comfort and support. We use lightweight fabrics, reusable ice/heat therapy packs, and a contoured design that supports your body as it changes.

Comfortable. Safe. Easy.


The Maternity Relief Wrap is the supreme belly band for pregnant women who don’t want to spend nine months in pain or discomfort.

Medication isn’t safe for your baby, and before Spand-Ice, messy creams, leaky ice packs, and expensive, time consuming therapies were your only options to get pain relief. Many pregnant women told us they just tolerated their back pain!

The Spand-Ice Maternity Wrap brings ice/heat therapy to a compression belly support garment and creates a singular solution to address your pregnant pain AND support needs. It’s made from high-quality, flexible material that you can adjust every day as your baby grows.


It’s the belly support and pain relief solution you’ve been searching for…

  • Compression straps provide belly support and adjust with you through each trimester
  • Contoured design molds to your body
  • Supports your back and belly
  • Provides relief for mid and low back pain with ice/heat packs
  • Ice/Heat therapy packs stay in place – no awkward adjusting or embarrassing exposure
  • Includes 2 cold/hot therapy packs that last for an industry leading 3+ hours
  • Insulated fabric keeps your skin safe from hot/cold temperatures
  • Made with strong, durable materials that hold up to repeated use
  • Comfortable enough for all-day wear
  • Wear under or over clothing
  • Made in the USA


Our compression straps adjust as your body changes and give you compression, coverage and support, exactly where you need it.


Our therapy packs can be frozen for cold therapy, or microwaved for heat and lasts for hours. Premium, lightweight fabrics are used to hold the therapy, alleviate your pain, and support your motherhood journey.


We purposefully designed all our therapy products with special high-quality insulated fabrics to handle the therapy temperature extremes so you don’t have to worry as you go about your day.


Lightweight and breathable – made for maximum comfort. Choose from wraps or apparel for your pain, support and recovery needs.

The Maternity Relief Wrap was designed by a woman on a mission. Helen, the founder of Spand-Ice wanted to create on-the-go ice/heat therapy that was safe for baby and supported women throughout their pregnancy journey.

Her team created a high-quality garment that is soft and comfortable to wear, flexible enough to adapt to your body, and is durable enough to hold up to daily wear.

Feedback from Spand-Ice moms across the USA led to redesigns, tweaks and improvements that have made the Spand-Ice Maternity Relief Wrap the ultimate belly support and pain relief garment that YOU need it to be.

Customer Satisfaction

“At 30 weeks pregnant I was suffering from constant lower back & sciatic nerve pain. The Maternity Relief Wrap helped tremendously to ease my pain. It fits comfortably & I love the option for hot or cold packs. This wrap had greatly improved my comfort during pregnancy!” – Ashley

“I’ve already worn the maternity pack twice this week and love it! The best part is that it stays in place and I can still go about my daily activities with relief, even while sleeping! I highly recommend this product!” – Katie

“My granddaughter is pregnant and got your Maternity Wrap yesterday. She wore it to work today and…Oh my gosh, she should’ve had it a month ago! God bless you for making it …It’s doing a world of good for her.” – Suzanne

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